IT Support for Law Firms: The Importance of IT Service Providers

As an IT Service Provider (ITSP), it’s easy to sound like broken records: is your information secure? Are your technology processes efficient? Is a lack of working with a competent IT Services Provider holding your organization back from the optimum performance? Have you considered an IT Service provider? 

The legal industry is no different. In an industry with high billable hours, an IT team is invaluable. When billing can trend towards $300 per hour or more, it’s only logical that it’s not worth your time to attempt to fix IT problems yourself from an efficiency or budget standpoint. What’s more: when you (the lawyer) finally hit that technology roadblock and succumb to calling in an expert, that one-off expert charges you more to figure out your unknown systems, than if you had a regular IT team familiar with your operations and able to step in when you’re in need.

Enter: the power of IT Service Providers. That’s us, PK Tech. A proper IT Service provider ensures that your technology doesn’t get in the way of your core processes. Rather than addressing issues after they arise, IT service providers proactively manage your systems to spot and resolve weaknesses before they cause significant problems. ITSPs also work closely with the client to optimize operations for both productivity and profit.

In the legal industry, the sensitivity and protection of data are of the utmost importance. In addition to efficiency, legal compliance requirements for sensitive data make ITSPs all the more valuable to law firms and legal professionals. 

How IT Service Providers Can Benefit Your Law Firm: 

  1. Increased security – when sensitive data is a core part of your operations, security becomes an urgent priority. ITSPs will increase your data security by managing your complete IT processes.
  2. Compliance management – in a high-compliance industry, your law firm must be up to speed on all the latest in law compliance, specifically in terms of data security. IT Service Providers will manage the most up-to-date information, ensuring your firm is fulfilling industry compliance at all times.
  3. Improved access – mobility of information is a valuable asset to a law firm. IT Service providers will help improve secure access to information wherever your team is.
  4. Increased productivity – every business cares about productivity, and a law firm is no different. If proper IT management through an ITSP can increase your billable hours, it’s a no-brainer. ITSPs will do just that by increasing the productivity of your systems so that your lawyers can focus on billable hours–and making money for your firm.

PK Tech – Your IT Service Provider in Arizona 

As an IT service provider, PK Tech specifically specializes in providing swift, dependable IT services to Arizona businesses. Our goal is always for you to experience fewer distractions and less downtime. At the same time, we handle all facets of your business IT, from hardware installations and software upgrades to system troubleshooting and technical support. 

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