Questions Every CEO Should Ask About Cyber Risks

Cybersecurity is on every business owner’s and CEO’s mind, but worries are especially heightened during COVID-19. Entire companies and offices are now working remotely from home. The level of control over network security systems and other aspects of cybersecurity are looser than they’ve ever been before. 

The solution starts with asking questions. Whether during COVID-19 and dealing with work-from-home employees, or during normal times, CEOs and business owners should be asking key proactive questions in regards to cyber risks. Cyber threats continue to grow in sophistication and complexity as technology evolves. Understanding the constantly changing threat landscape is relevant to all businesses; threats can affect businesses of all sizes and scope.  At PK Tech, we strongly believe in a proactive approach to all aspects of technology, especially cybersecurity. Furthermore, CEOs and business owners should always be discussing best cybersecurity practices and implementing new practices as needed. Constant management of cybersecurity incident response is key in managing cyber risk.

Questions CEOs and Business Owners Should Ask About Potential Cyber Security Threats

  • What functions of my business could be affected by cybersecurity threats (i.e. supply chain, public relations, finance, health records, etc.) 
  • Who does my business exchange information with (i.e. what kind of cyber threat information sharing does my business partake in?)
  • What critical information could be lost in the event of a cyber attack (i.e. customer data, health records, research, etc.)
  • How can my business create long-term resiliency to minimize potential cybersecurity risks?

Questions CEOs and Business Owners Should Ask to Effectively Manage and Improve Cybersecurity Risk Management

  • What is the current level of cybersecurity risk within our business? 
  • What is the potential business impact given our current level of cybersecurity risk?
  • How are we currently identifying and addressing risks? (and if we’re not doing so, what is our plan to do so?)
  • At what point should executive leadership be notified of cybersecurity threats?
  • How are we mitigating insider threats?
  • How does our existing cybersecurity program apply industry standards and best practices? 
  • How are we measuring cybersecurity metrics in a measurable and meaningful way?
  • How comprehensive is our response plan to an active cyber security threat? 
  • How often are we practicing and revisiting our response plan to make sure it is up to date? 
  • Is my business fully prepared to work with federal, state and local government cyber incident responders and investigators in the event of an active cyber security threat? 
  • Are we currently taking advantage of available cybersecurity training for our workforce? 

If you have questions about how to make a proactive cybersecurity risk assessment plan for your business, reach out to PK Tech. As experts in cybersecurity risk assessment and threat management, we are here to support your business. Contact us here