How To Destroy Your Computer’s Hard Drive

When your computer life has come to an end, proper destruction of your hard drive is vital to the security of your business. 

When disposing of an old PC, it’s important to consider the importance of the information still on the hard drive when you determine how (or whom) will be completing the destruction of your drive. There is really only one way to securely erase the information on the hard drive: you must destroy the magnetic platter inside. At PK Tech, we take this seriously and use a tool in-house to both crush magnetic platters in our lab and document the proof of destruction.  A hard drive crusher is a mechanical device that physically destroys old hard drives in such a way that the data they contain cannot be recovered.

We destroy hard drives using the tool above, built specifically for electronics such as hard drives, cell phones, and CDs. Hard drive crushers completely destroy all sensitive parts of the hard drive, which ensures no information left on the drive can be recovered.

Our standard at PK Tech is to handle our clients’ cybersecurity with extreme caution. We understand the information on your hard drive is vital so we handle it as such. What we consider “standard process” for securing your information is above and beyond what most people do: our process is detailed, purposeful and effective.

How can you have your hard drive destroyed? 

If you’re a business in the Greater Phoenix area, contact us for a free Discovery Session meeting. We securely destroy and document all of our clients’ retired hard drives in-house free of charge.

If you have an IT company, ask them about their process for dealing with old hard drives and what it costs. If you’re in an industry that deals with sensitive data, you MUST securely destroy and have documentation it happened!

If you, as a consumer, donate $5 to the Arizona Humane Society, we’ll destroy your hard drive for free. Contact us to arrange a time to drop off proof of donation and the hard drives you want destroyed!

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