Make Your Business More Competitive with IT Consultants

In-house IT versus IT consultants. The great debate. We get this question a lot: which is better? Should you have an in-house IT expert or hire an IT consultant? Or both?

Competitive advantage in business is about understanding your business, your competition and your industry. That’s why we first start by asking about your business. How big? How many employees? Number of computers? Functionality needed?

We believe in long-term IT strategies and that begins with understanding where your business is at so that you can be up to par – and get ahead of – your competition. 

So, back to the original question at hand: in-house IT versus IT consulting. 

The Pros of IT Consulting:

  1. PRO: You are employing a team of IT consulting experts who are all constantly staying up-to-date on the latest and greatest in IT. We bounce ideas off of each other, share ideas, and solve problems with a group mentality. With an in-house IT employee, you may stay ahead of the curve in some areas, but could lack in others where that specific individual is not an expert in. 
    1. At PK Tech, we work as a team to solve IT problems. In this way, we believe we get to better solutions, faster. Plus, having a team of IT professionals allows us to tackle multiple IT problems all at once.
    2. If you’re a business with 100+ employees and have an in-house IT resource, partner with us and we’ll assist with the day-to-day noise while your IT resource can focus on the bigger picture.
  2. PRO: Save money. By hiring IT consultants, you are truly just supporting your business with what it really needs in terms of IT. You’re not paying for what you don’t need. 
    1. At PK Tech, we pride ourselves on building IT support plans for our clients that fit the exact needs and budget of their organization. 
    2. If you’re a business with 100+ employees and have an in-house IT resource, instead of hiring additional IT employees as you grow, we can supplement and add value without the overhead that comes with additional W2 employees.
  3. PRO: Flexibility. IT consultants give you the flexibility to use them when needed, and not when you don’t. Having an IT consultant is like having additional experts in your corner, at a reduced cost and with more flexibility to scale up or down with business demands. 
    1. With our growing team of IT experts, PK Tech can support your business through the ebbs and flows of IT support needs. Are you an accounting firm that needs extra support during March/April busy season? PK Tech can accommodate.
    2. If your a business with 100+ employees and have an in-house IT resource, we can back them up when they are sick, on vacation, or even jury duty.
  4. PRO: No need to headhunt IT people. The IT industry has some of the lowest unemployment rates across the board. Hiring IT professionals is extremely difficult, especially for businesses that are not in the IT industry.
    1. At PK Tech, we’re in the industry and have perfected the hiring and continuing education process. Save yourself the time & money and find a trusted IT consulting firm that has figured this out.

Whatever business you’re in, staying competitive is what keeps you alive. It’s a long founded truth in life and business. PK Tech offers IT consulting to give you the competitive advantage you need, at a price that fits your budget. 

If you’re interested in getting a quote for PK Tech services, we’re here to help answer any questions and provide more information. To contact PK Tech, click here.

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