8 Tips for Choosing the Right IT Service Provider

Picking the right service providers is crucial for business success. Find out how to do it right.

You might think our message here is “hire PK Tech”, but you’d be wrong. Our goal is to make you look good. We hope that’s through PK Tech’s IT consulting services, but if it’s not, we know the following will help you to choose the best IT service provider for your business. Here’s to hoping PK Tech makes the cut!

8 Tips for Choosing the Right IT Service Provider

1. Find an IT Support Company Local to Your Headquarters

Having an IT support company local to your headquarters is vital to establishing a long lasting relationship with your IT Company. We are proud to be an IT support provider in the Greater Phoenix Area.

2. Does the IT Support Company Have Experience With Your Industry?

This is an easy question for your prospective IT service provider to answer. Beyond this, we always offer connection to current clients whose industries we work in should you want to connect for a reference. At PK Tech, we believe in full transparency and are happy to provide references.

3. Does the IT Company Try to Understand Your Environment Before Quoting Generic Solutions?

PK Tech performs a CTA (Comprehensive Technology Assessment) before we ever start working with a client. We come into your business and assess all your IT assets and business applications.

In our opinion, it is impossible for a prospective IT service provider to properly quote or support your business until a formal Assessment is performed. Be sure that your prospective IT service provider is getting a full picture of your environment before they offer generic solutions.

4. Does This IT Support Company Have Experience Supporting Your Company’s Software?

Part of the reason PK Tech completes CTA’s (Comprehensive Technology Assessments) is to determine exactly this question. We come into your business and gain a comprehensive understanding of all the software, as well as servers/workstations and devices, that your business is using on a daily basis.

It’s important to divulge all of your company’s daily uses so that your prospective IT service provider can give an accurate evaluation of their ability to service your devices and software.

5. How Fast Can You Expect Service When You Need It?

This is an important question to know that answer to that some businesses don’t think about until they have a tech emergency. Is your business one that needs quick tech support if something goes wrong? Are you a business that has the luxury of 24-48 hour response time on a workstation down incident? It’s important to make sure you know your business’s expectations and understand if your prospective IT service provider can meet these clear expectations when something goes wrong.

6. Can the IT Company Handle an Organization of Your Size?

This should be a straightforward question to ask your potential IT service provider. For PK Tech, our answer is always straightforward and simple. We know the organization size we can handle and we’ll tell you if your organization meets our service capacity. We’ve helped businesses with between 10 and 200 employees for over 10 years.

7. Can They Scale to Meet Your Needs?

What if you grow? Can your IT service provider grow with you?

At PK Tech, we pride ourselves on being upfront with our clients about our capacities and capabilities. We’re also rapidly growing and make every effort to grow with your business, as long as we are able to satisfy our same standards for service and customer care. This is a great conversation to have on the front end to avoid having to make an IT service provider switch when your company grows. If you anticipate rapid growth, have this conversation in the vetting process. We’ve talked to many prospective businesses that outgrow their IT Company consistanting of 1-3 employees.

8. Do You Meet Their Prerequisites?

Ask the company: what prerequisites do they have to work with a client? Does your business fit these prerequisites?  
At PK Tech, we’re structured to work with business with between 10 and 200 employees. We also like to work with like minded businesses who understand IT is an asset that needs ongoing attention. We also have cybersecurity minimum standards and require our stack of solutions implemented before an ongoing relationship is established in order to protect all parties from the huge security risks of owning a business in 2019.

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