How to Get the Best Service Out of an IT Help Desk

Does your business engage with an IT Company and have access to a ticket based IT service desk or help desk?

If so, the following 4 tips will ensure you get the best service out of every encounter

1) Report your technical issues as they happen

  • Report your issues as they happen and you will often experience a faster resolution remotely. If your issue requires an on-site visit, let them know in advance so it can be planned.  Don’t hold on to old issues until you see the IT company on-site next time. Typically, when the IT company is on-site, they have a specific task or checklist. They will not be as effective with issues that they were not prepared to address. You can avoid loss of productivity and an increasing overall frustration level if you report the issue right away.
  • If you’re busy and don’t have time to work with your IT company right away, report your issue with at least enough information to recreate it, along with a time window for your IT company to help you that works for your schedule (i.e. over lunch).

2)  Give as much information as possible up front

  • Let the IT Company know some context so it can be given the right priority. Submitting a ticket with “call me” as the contents will add delay to the resolution time as it will be impossible to determine either the priority or level of expertise.
  • Let the IT Company know how to recreate your issue up front in order to get a quicker resolution.

3) Let the IT Company know when it’s best to contact you AND when your computer is available to be worked on up front

  • Let the IT Company know your schedule so they resolve your issue quickly. Not sharing your availability to work with the help desk may result in phone tag and frustrations.
  • Keep both your IT agreement’s response goals and/or after business hours terms in mind. If you do not know this information, we recommend you check with your Office Manager.

4) Let the IT Company know the criticality of your issue up front

  • Depending on the IT Company, their target response time will likely be much quicker if they’re told it’s preventing you or multiple people from working.
  • Let the IT Company know all the information up front so they can prioritize and schedule a resource accordingly. Not sharing a deadline you may be up against for an issue that’s preventing you from working makes it hard for your IT company to provide you with the service that you need.

We hope this information helps you have a more positive experience with your help desk. We’ve learned and fined tuned our help desk service over the years. We’ve received overwhelmingly positive feedback and continue to make small adjustments to increase response times, resolution times, and most importantly, customer experience. Please reach out if you’d like a mature IT help desk to have your company’s back!

Contact us at (602) 639-9900 or email [email protected] and we’ll be happy to answer your questions. 

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